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Hypnosis And Stress Management


Life can be challenging, and our response to these challenges can bring about stress. It could be deadlines at work, traffic or any other source of bother including the normal tensions of home life are all possible causes of stress. Even though you cannot control a lot of the stressors in your life, you can learn to mitigate the effects of stress and control the response to the triggers of the stress.


Stress is a natural physical response to a threat. When the body is threatened, it will ready itself for battle by switching to the flight or fight mode. This enables the body to prepare for emergency action. The heart races, your blood pressure goes up, the respiration increases, and blood is directed from other systems of the body to the muscles.


This mode is designed for helping us survive life threatening situations. The response is similar to any perceived threat whether it is a tiger attack or even an insult from a colleague.


The question then is what we can do about it. An effective approach is to mitigate the impact stress has on your body while getting rid of the triggers that bring about the stress. There are lots of ways for reducing the impact of stress such as doing exercises, medication, deep breathing among others. However, there are some techniques which are very effective although they are not considered very much.


Stress management hypnosis is a good way of reducing the effects of stress because unlike medication, it activates the body`s relaxation response. In the relaxation response, the systems of the body such as the endocrine and immune systems quickly return to their normal healthy functioning, and that helps the body in refreshing and rejuvenating. With some practice, hypnosis quickly produces a profound relaxation in less than 3 minutes and makes you get refreshed and energized within 10 minutes.


Hypnotherapy combines with hypnosis and conversations with the subconscious mind is an effective way of changing our perception of dreadful situations to positive ones. The subconscious mind controls our automatic responses and is difficult to change. Hypnotherapy is important in helping you to directly communicate with the subconscious mind and alter the program which runs when you see an event. When you change the program, the response to stress is no longer activated, and that means you remain calm and also relaxed. Hypnotherapy has the potential of changing a lot of automatic responses in three sessions or even less. This makes it an excellent tool for a long-term stress relief, click here to get started